Planet is a native macOS application designed for creating and hosting decentralized websites. With this app, you can effortlessly build a blog featuring audio and video content, select from various theme designs, and publish it as an IPNS accessible via the IPFS P2P network or HTTP gateways. Moreover, you can link the IPNS to your ENS, enabling you to host your website on your ENS.

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  • Build a blog and publish it to IPFS
  • Built-in local IPFS node
  • Generate an IPNS that is ready to be set as EIP-1577 ENS contenthash
  • Pin content when following, make content usable offline
  • Follow the updates of websites running on ENS; NFT avatars as site icons are supported
  • Markdown editor with live preview
  • Attach video, audio, or any format of files; Generate a podcast.xml that is supported by various Podcast client apps
  • Global audio player
  • Star or share posts
  • Template browser for managing and building templates
  • Integration with WorldWideWeb for previewing sites built with Planet
  • Integration with for traffic analytics, example:
  • Export/Import website
  • RSS reader, all three formats, RSS, Atom, and JSON Feed, are supported
  • Sandboxed native macOS app created with SwiftUI 3


Planet: Light Mode with Default Theme
Post Link: planetable.eth

Planet: Dark Mode with a Retro Gaming Theme
Post Link: gamedb.eth

Markdown Editor with Live Preview

Tipping with Ethereum